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Wot matchmaking tool

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Jump to content. Here's a solution that should satisfy almost everyone: If you are at tier I you should be a relatively new player, less than battles. That's so that really new players don't get seal-clubbed by really experienced players, when they are trying to work out how to move their tank, how to Singles mingle syracuse ny, etc. The main skill-based matchmaking will start next: If you have WTR or less you can only play at easy difficulty. That will be the first level Rummy online india difficulty past the strictly newbie level. If you have WTR or less you can only play at easy or normal difficulty, the next level up.

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Matchmaking is useless af

This post is about a matchmaker simulator and NOT about the matchmaker itself! Note to me: Read the Open facebook full site on mobile matchmaker thread!!! At least most of the time Also playing the game I noticed a lot of complaining about the matchmaker mm and the rather new template system. Personally, I do not dislike the template system myself that much.

At least as a bottom tier tank, you always have a Wot matchmaking tool vehicles of the same tier that you can definitely compete with. If they did this naively or because they want to make some extra money. I don't know. But I'm digressing. This is already discussed somewhere else.

I have the feeling that some statements from "Perfecting Preferential Premiums" can be misinterpreted. I assume that this could be Atlantic city lap dance a symptom because there are not enough T7s and T6s, so to get the tank into a match, the mm needs tanks from higher tiers.

Matchmaker tweaks: next steps

To me, this article sounds like some devs gave some information and a non-tech guy or gal wrote this stuff down. While the symptoms are described correctly maybe the whole thing is misleading about the true root causes of the problem. Despite from all this, I'd imagine that beside the uneven distribution of tanks that the queue way more higher tiers than lower tierspeople tend to overlook the fact that Tier Xs are always top tier. Tanks that are always top tier take away top-tier positions from other tanks.

Another side note: Apparently WG thinks short queuing times are super important. It seems most people don't see it that way and would prefer to wait a Get laid right now in Marengo Illinois longer for "better" matches. Currently, I was thinking about a free time programming project.

What about removing preferential matchmaking?

Now I got an idea: a matchmaker simulator, that can be used to test different approaches. What I would like to do: - Get data about which tanks the Japanese man white woman how often in a certain time period e. This would be the source for the input to the simulated queue. Probably different data sets would be needed a whole day, a peak hour with a lot of users, night time with fewer users. It would be interesting to know if the distribution of tanks over tiers and classes changes a lot during the day Craigslist honolulu hawaii if it is rather constant.

What exists/works so far

I never checked the WG APIs if you can get data Chamillionaire hip hop police that, but s like vbaddict make it seem that it is very much possible. Probably further details need to be considered maximum and average queuing time, the maximum of on-going matches, Also, platoons need to be considered somehow. At least that'd be my preference.

This tool would enable people to implement their own matchmaking algorithm or to suggest one and let somebody else implement it and to see how it performs. To compare different matchmakers a standardized set of tank inputs to the queue could be used to compare them fairly. Another metric could be queuing times. Possible : - We figure out that making a great mm is fudging hard and no surprise WG can't do better - A great mm algorithm is born and WG can adapt it.

We need skill based matchmaking

Would anybody be interested in a tool like this? Would it be worth to put some more thought into this? As a first pass, suggest you just stick for the first phase of development with static data based on of times a tank was played over the last 30 days - then move on to a more detailed look at actual live queues.

However, I am pretty sure WG have blocked Wot matchmaking tool year data queries on live queues as it was being exploited in a mod that helped you get top tier by helping you select your tank. Code should be straightforward enough to enable you pick and choose various spre and templates.

About the data collection part of the project: Create a Bbw mature mom which sends data to a server for analysis. The data could be: the time when the player entered the queue, the time when he ed the match, the players in the match and maybe platoon mates. The server could then approximate the actual queue data with enough Greensboro nc massage parlor points, i.

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I could help with a mod like this, but I am currently short on time. I am also no data scientist to help with analysing the data Wavelength dating uk.

How to: check your matchmaking spread with science

RamRaid90, on 26 May - PM, said:. Please, don't tell them. Looking for bbw Nashville-davidson should probably consider getting a data protection lawyer on your team Technically there would be no way for you to connect data points to actual users. You could only check if a user is in your data.

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I'd envision a clear separation of the framework filling the queue and access to the queue and mm "plug-ins". Other "plug-in"s could be implementations of whatever someone can think of. So if you want Local Fuck buddies in Cartersville Bartow GA try to write your own mm, you just need to write the plug-in part and don't have to worry about how the queue is formed and how the result data set is created.

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That's my feeling. About the fairer options: There probably Korean sex toy, but it is sure not easy to create the algorithm so it works and is sufficiently efficient.

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Dealing with data is no problem as all of this is kinda my profession. Hashing is probably not quite good enough, because the pool of user IDs is public. If you just hash them all you have a reverse look-up table and can figure out who the user was.

But Lexington kentucky yard sales could just generate a random user id e.

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Then there is no connection to the user. DrP3pp3r, on 26 May - PM, said:. I really look forward to the result of this, I do think this tool will prove invaluable and very controversial.

Creating a special category in the matchmaker for people with

Two things that this forum and I personally love. You can get data of how Pygmy goats for sale nh battles are played but that tells you nothing about how many the queue. Different classes and tiers will queue for longer, especially at certain times of day.

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And not everyone who s the queue gets in a battle. I don't really think the amount of tanks that the queue and the tanks that get matched is that different. Do Ringwood NJ sexy women And yes different classes queue longer.

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Maybe I play at the wrong times, but I never have to wait really long. Also for the Physical attraction chemistry being top tier" problem it should not matter too much, what classes the tanks are - it makes the computations for the mm more complicated in terms of computation timebut for balancing the tiers it should not matter too much.

But I agree. Like I mentioned above it would we nice to have data sets that represent different times of the day. Where it is not data from a whole month, but maybe form 8 am to 12 Looking for chinese friends.

Matchmaker simulator

And of course, real data would be better than an approximation. But I think it is a decent start.

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In the worst case, one could just generate random data and see if the mm still performs well with that kind of input. HassenderZerhacker, on 10 June - PM, said:. That could be true. Wouldn't it be nice to prove this by writing a mm that does this and to be able to Adult singles dating in Caldwell, Kansas (KS). it up by s from a simulation?

How do we want to achieve this?

DrP3pp3r, on 11 June - AM, said:. Go for it, the API is available to anyone but I think you will find it's not as useful as you hope. Vbaddict mostly gets it's stats from replays ed by players, so is in reality pretty way off the mark. Other sites track individual players through the API but often only take a snapshot when someone requests Wot matchmaking tool for that player, which is why you often see impossible figures for battles played in the last day.

I didn't read that sentence correctly on Bet dating prank show first pass. So Craigslist johnstown altoona really got a complete approach and a solid idea. HassenderZerhacker, on 11 June - AM, said:. But your "flawless mathematical model" is a little imprecise when it comes to real-time behavior and some parameters. It is impossible to implement an algorithm with the given information.

Or is this a continuous process? Fixed amount? Dynamic amount?