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Why do people betray their friends

One of the bitter experiences in life is being betrayed.

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Betrayal is a common theme throughout my series. Betrayal whether it is from a friend, spouse, ificant other, or coworker, always leaves behind pain. What you thought, believed, and trusted is deemed incorrect. You are left without answers and feeling disrespected.

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There are books galore about handling infidelity in a marriage. But what happens when a friend is disloyal Sex groups in rochester ny unfaithful? Several years ago, my best friend betrayed me in a deeply hurtful way. We both worked at the same mental health clinic and our boss suggested that I be promoted to supervise new, less experienced clinicians.

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In the end, she finagled the promotion for herself and I was left with my old job. I was crushed.

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Of course, I was disappointed about not getting the promotion. But much worse was feeling like our friendship meant nothing to her. Friendship-based betrayal comes in many forms, from stealing or sleeping with your ificant other, to going after a job you want, to gossiping or sharing something you Swingers club in detroit them in confidence.

This is because friendships involve an interaction between the inner worlds of several people.

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But remembering this can be easier said than done. So, how do you find perspective when you feel deeply betrayed? Think about what you know about the other person, and what might be motivating their behavior outside their relationship with you. For instance, could something be happening Kahului adult toys swinging their love or work life that is making them behave badly?

Understanding does not mean that you have to like what they are doing, but it can make it a little less painful. Even if your take on the situation turns out to be right, talking about it can limit the long-term damage in your friendship. Sometimes, of course, the fallout from a betrayal can be permanent and life-changing.

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So if you can, try to have these discussions in person. Most of us try to avoid painful feelings. But in order Glenwood springs co classifieds process emotions and move past them — the good, the bad and the ugly — you do have to face the experience. Hurt may turn into anger or vice versa.

2. if you can, have an honest conversation with your friend.

Nothing says you have Darwin day ecards forgive your friend for hurting you. And if the behavior is a pattern, you might want to consider how much of a friend she really is.

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But sometimes a friendship is too important to let go. I was hurt, angry and afraid of a painful scene.

Psychology can help you explain and manage the pain of a friend's betrayal.

Instead, I took what seemed like an easier route: I stopped being friends with her. I often wish that I had known then what I have learned since. I wonder: Should I take my own advice and find her now, to have the talk we never had before? By Harling Ross. By Gyan Horney wives Richmond Virginia.

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By Daniela Guerrero. By Amalie MacGowan. By Tess Garcia. Search Clear Search.

How to deal when a friend makes you feel like crap

Process your feelings Most of us try to avoid painful feelings. Speed dating toronto downtown whether your friendship is more important than what has happened. Collage by Madeline Montoya. Diane Barth. Next story Shopping. Close Newsletter Modal Giving us your is the coolest! All yum, no spam.

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