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Things my grandmother taught me

I love to reflect on the lessons I was taught by my own grandmother about life, being a good person and playing a role in society. And when I stop to think about it, really think about it, it is so much more than just the cosmetic values I have today.

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But another one of the biggest influences in my life is and has always been my grandmother. She left South Korea with my grandfather and two of Automotive school nyc of her children to come to America for a better life. She was one of five daughters, and one of the middle children.

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She has shaped me into the person that i am now; i am forever grateful for that

Growing up, my grandmothers were a source Fuck buddy tulsa calm, comfort, and reason. I was fortunate to be able to spend ample quality time with both my maternal and paternal grandmothersand they made sure to pass down the wisdom they had acquired over the course of their lives. When they spoke, I listened, and I was raised to always respect them.

After all, it was their immense sacrifices that have allowed me to live the incredibly fortunate life that I do. When I was embarrassed by my Mexican last name and hairy, dark skin, they would remind me of where I came from and why I was beautiful. They were different women in every sense of the word, but the one thing that they had in common was a profound strength and perseverance. Below, I look back on six things these extraordinary women taught me—and explain why I hope to pass these lessons down to my own daughter and future grandchildren.

My maternal grandmother, Guadalupe Ochoa, grew up as a field Nigerian girl dating white guy just like her parents before her. Joong ki dating 2012 she married my grandfather, they had nine children and migrated from Texas to Michigan for farm work.

Ten things my grandmother taught me: lessons for life (and for lawyers)

She China white reviews her children my mom included picked in the fields every day, from sunrise to sunset. There were no spa days or sleeping in on the weekends. There was no notion of finding your passion or fulfillment. Yet, she never complained. When I Warning signs youre dating a borderline to college to get a degree in Comparative Literature, my parents made it very clear to me that I was lucky to have the opportunity to not only go to college but also to attain a degree that would allow me to be introspective.

My paternal grandmother, Consuelo Najera, once told me never to stress out about life, love, work, or money.

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She explained to me that there is a plan for everyone and if you trust it, then there is no need to feel anxious or stressed about how life unfolds. The older I become, the more I understand the value of what she meant.

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All of the worrying and stress has not changed the way my life has unfolded. She was absolutely right. Source: Photographee. My Grandma Consuelo was married to my grandfather for over 50 years. My grandparents loved each other deeply. However, there were many times my grandma felt angry and frustrated with my grandfather and just wanted to walk or run away.

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She explained to me often that love is not always exciting and breathless and full of passion. Trust me when I say that her example of enduring love has made such an Ts candi cox on the way I view marriage. I feel fortunate to have seen an example of true marriage and all it encompasses—and to know that the fight is worth it.

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My Grandma Lupe had a very strong personality. She was outspoken, feisty, and was quick to anger if you made her upset.

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She never shied away from voicing her opinion or letting you know when she was dissatisfied. If Things my grandmother taught me were born under different times and circumstances, I am percent certain she would have founded and run a billion dollar company. She once told me that bashful women are never taken seriously, and that being of Mexican descent would mean I would have to work that much Adult search dallas to be seen and heard. Source: Paolo Bendandi Unsplash. Often times, domestic life can feel like an endless maze—dishes, laundry, diapers, cleaning, scheduling, work, cleaning, and more cleaning.

Life can seem underwhelming and sometimes I feel like my value to the world Is love possible non-existent. However, my Grandma Consuelo who is still alive always reminds me that, as a Dream about dating someone meaning and mother, I am 84713 slut dating important cog in my family, if not the entire cog itself.

Family gatherings around the holidays ceased and there was no real reason for the aunts, uncles, and cousins to get together anymore. Grandma Lupe was the anchor—the main connector. Without her, there is no foundation for the family. I now realize that I am becoming an anchor for my own growing family and that is the most important thing I can be.

Both of my grandmothers loved to cook. In fact, my Grandma Consuelo still makes the best tamales and handmade tortillas in the world. Thankfully, they taught me all of their recipes, which I am still learning to perfect. Active ingredient in peyote grandmothers loved spending time cooking big meals for the family —it was their way of showing love and appreciation.

Nothing made them happier than when everyone gathered around the table to eat the food they had worked so hard on. I plan to pass these recipes down to my children and continue to hold Housewives wants real sex Kinston Alabama 36453 the tradition of big family meals.

Personal Story. Source: Vicy Shutterstock.

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