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Star trek-of gods and men

It is the year Thirteen years have passed since Captain James T. The remaining crew members of the orig

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Star Chubby women gallery Of Gods and Men is a three-part unofficial Star Trek mini-series containing many cast members from the original series and movies. It is described by its producers as a "40th anniversary gift" from Star Trek actors to their fans. Principal photography began July 12, and finished in October It is not officially endorsed by the owners of Star Trek but has been covered on the official Star Trek website.

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In an alternate timeline where Captain Kirk was never born, Uhura and Chekhov must make new allies in order to prevent a ruthless despot from enslaving the galaxy. Charlie Evans infiltrates a remote space station demanding to know the whereabouts of Captain James T. Distressed to discover from the data clerk on duty that Kirk died 12 years earlier while potentially saving billions of lives, Charlie uses his mental powers to destroy Monster classified ads station.

Stardate Enterprise NCCM, a museum ship built in tribute to the original crew. An automated security beacon orbiting planet M sends a Code 1 distress al. In a now altered timeline, an evil Harriman commands the G. Before meeting with her Tampa jewish singles Sevar, Uhura tells Tuvok of dream flashes she has that feel strangely like memories.

Harriman fires an Omega device at Vulcan that obliterates the planet.

Star trek: of gods and men

Tuvok mind melds with Uhura to calm her. Tuvok sees flashes of the timeline and Uhura begins recovering her memory. Ragnar helps them fool the guards and flee the brig by shifting his appearance into that of Commander Garan. Tuvok is mortally wounded as the rebels fight their way to the control room.

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However, Ragnar stops the countdown before Kittrick can kill everyone aboard. Before dying, Tuvok forcibly mind melds with Kittrick, who begins having flashbacks to the other timeline. Remembering that Harriman is somehow important to restoring the past, Uhura convinces a reluctant Kittrick to Sex positions for bigger girls the captain prisoner and bring everyone to M Before the trio can be executed, Curate Prime interrupts to transmit a taunting message to Kittrick.

Uhura recognizes that Curate Prime is Gary Mitchell. One of the guards then reveals himself to be Ragnar in disguise. Ragnar stuns the other guard, saving Kittrick, Uhura, and Harriman. Captain Galt of the freedom ship Liberty intercepts the Conqueror to rescue his comrade Kittrick and a space battle ensues. Without Kirk to stop him in this timeline, Mitchell crushed the Wife looking nsa Fort Shafter, including Captain Pike of the Enterprise, and established the Galactic Order.

Kittrick beams Uhura back to M to find Charlie and learn how to reset the timeline. Searching for Kittrick, Mitchell also beams down and confronts Uhura. Aboard the Conqueror, Garan shoots Harriman while he is distracted by Xela, but Harriman turns out to have been Ragnar in disguise.

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The real Harriman arrives to shoot Garan and rescue Xela. Lonely ladies looking hot sex Preston appears on M and saves Uhura from Mitchell. As Charlie bests the other man during a battle of their respective powers, Mitchell conjures Janice Rand to distract Charlie and escape back to his fleet. Determining that Kittrick is either on M or aboard the Conqueror, Mitchell orders the destruction of both. Xela dies protecting them from an assault by Klingon guards.

On M, Uhura comforts Charlie and convinces him to return through The Guardian and restore the timeline. The scene of Charlie infiltrating the space station repeats. The timeline is restored. Harriman tells Uhura that he plans to take a leave of absence to run for Federation Council.

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Janice Rand presents Chekhov with a tribble as Women want sex Cave Run Lake congratulatory gift for being promoted to admiral. Producer Sky Conway describes it as a 40th anniversary celebration for franchise stalwarts eager to see new adventures in the old continuity.

On one side are self-appointed franchise flag-bearers, apologetic about the cellar floor production value and simply thankful for the existence of an imaginary entry in their preferred Trek timeline, perhaps overly so on both counts. Representing the resistance are those without rose-colored lenses. The truth is that it is incredibly challenging to score STOGAM with more than one star, no matter what rating system is used. Two of those captains, Uhura and Chekhov, have a rendezvous with a third, Harriman of the Enterprise-B, to partake in the dedication of the museum ship Enterprise-M.

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When a well-timed distress beacon interrupts their reverie, everyone is suddenly off to planet M for an unplanned encounter with a forgotten, yet familiar face. In this parallel world, Uhura, Chekhov, and Harriman fight not only to regain their fractured memories, but to defeat their newfound enemies and restore order to How to cope with clinical depression past. Crammed into an minute runtime are Vulcan mind melds, nerve pinches, assorted secondary characters from the original series, a secondary character from the film series, Klingons, Orions, Andorians, The Guardian of Forever, even a tribble.

Comprising the entirety of a film with Easter eggs makes it read like something an overexcited adolescent puts to paper as a creative writing asment.

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While the front end fills up with fan service, the back end becomes bogged down by characters filling in backstory blanks through dialogue. When the initial antagonist reappears at the midpoint, he is inexplicably remorseful about his actions that set the Make him crave you in motion and is suddenly willing to reset to Square One.

It is such a mad dash through his arc that when he matter-of-factly mentions murdering a pregnant woman in a fast breath, no emotion can possibly register. With many others volunteering time and services gratis, where did the money go? One spacecraft resembles a Death Star covered in ping-pong balls.

Some of the library sound effects accompanying the action are recognizable from the Flash Gordon cartoon. In one instance of a ship commander confiscating weapons from two guards, the camera tilts down before the action prompts the motion.

A handheld camera is supposed to give a guerilla filmmaking feel of reactionary documentation. When action is anticipated and the resulting movement is premeditated, Sweet wants nsa Tacoma Washington intended effect of fluidity is negated. The audio department drops another ball. Much of the filming may have been done in single takes, as there is a noticeable moment where Koenig delivers a line twice while sparks fire behind him. Rather than retake the shot, it looks like the flub stayed in the picture so as to avoid redoing the background effect.

There are scenes where Nichols and Koenig in particular convey emotion with earnest believability Nichols in the brig when she first recalls her past and Koenig when he reconciles with Harriman after having his memory restored are standout moments. This is a cast capable of better work.

And it seems like they were granted permission to provide whatever level of enthusiasm they wished, perhaps with Russ unwilling to run his show as anything above a fan-made production as a courtesy since so many participants were taking pay rate hits. How else to explain something such as Herbert Jefferson Jr. That sounds like something an actor decides to indulge in on a whim, and no one has the courage to tell him no. The pro side of the argument is understandable.

On that level, the gratitude that lenient fans have for STOGAM even gracing their Drug capsule identification screens is somewhat reasonable. Fully forgiving the film means granting permission to give fans subpar presentation values and performances, and that is Buy a husky puppy online okay.

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