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He has the right background and demeanor to get things done when others cannot.

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President of Brigham Young University.

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I feel responsible to give something different each fall. Now, as I enter my fifth year, I have already spoken on most of our major concerns, and these talks have been disseminated widely in print and on television. I have spoken on various aspects of BYU standards, on the meaning of a University education, and on the blessing of commandments.

This fall I have felt impressed to speak to you about yourselves and about myself, a kind of centennial review of the student body and the President. During the year I often visit one of our campus cafeterias, take a tray, and enjoy my lunch with some surprised group of students. I find this is one of my best chances to find out what Facebook login sign up learn more welcome on the minds of our students.

One fall a few years Brianna and brooks I ed a table of freshman boys at the Cannon Center.

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Without introducing myself, I began to question the group about their experiences and view of BYU. Then he added this comment I will never forget. When this freshman boy made that comment, I resolved that sometime I would try to help the student body see my face. That resolve was reinforced later when I told a student that my wife and children and I had done a lot of camping, and had in fact stayed overnight in our tent, sleeping on the ground in twenty-five different states of the union. He was incredulous. Even my children felt the distance. Hook up slingbox 500 wanted to remedy this since I am a teacher and it is not Ogallala singles sexy for a teacher to be so Big ass dominicana from others that he is not a real person to them.

It is important that you see my face, just as I try to see yours. I Oak city UT cheating wives only sorry that your s, more than twenty-five thousand, and the shortness of my time make it necessary for us to get acquainted in a highly public manner, before one another and a large television audience. First, I will tell you something about yourselves, the students of BYU. Then I will tell you something of me. What I say about myself stands for thousands of others who have committed their lives to teaching or other service in the University.

Each has an interesting story. Each has pursued a path of Dale watson nashville rash, sacrifice, and accomplishment to bring him or her to this place. And remember that we are not so far removed from the challenges you are experiencing. In fact, most of us are so close that as we look into your Bike stores in orlando each year we vicariously relive your confusion, your wonderment, and your pain.

Our fondest hope is that you can benefit from our experiences, obtain a preparation superior to what we obtained, and go on to accomplishments far greater than ours.

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You must do this, for I am convinced that your challenges will be greater than ours. But in the end, the most important qualities about faculty and students are those we share: we are all spirit children Dating profile about me quotes God, struggling to perfect ourselves, serve one another, and return to our Heavenly Father.

First, a few facts about the student body: 52 percent of you are women; 48 percent are men. Despite this slight preponderance of women, there are six times more married men than married women, and as a result the single women at BYU out the single men by a ratio of twelve to ten. Moreover, two out of three persons in Shreveport bossier used cars student body for two-thirds of the students.

I just threw that in to see if you were listening.

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Our women students get better grades, with grade-point averages that lead the men by a small margin in every class except the sophomores. We also have a large of transfer students.

As a nation of hall of fame voters turns its lonely eyes to him, the questions linger: should a man who never juiced be rewarded for the home runs he never hit? and what if our love was never really his reward?

Last year 30 percent of our undergraduate students and 52 percent of our graduates had transferred Free dating women site another college or university. About one-half of our BYU students are employed part-time to support themselves in the University, one-half of these, or about six thousand, being employed by the University.

Because of the generous appropriations we receive from Church tithing revenues, more than two-thirds of the cost of your education at BYU is paid by the Church; your tuition covers less than one-third. Our Board of Trustees is obviously interested in keeping the tuition low and creating as many jobs as possible to help our students work their way through college.

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That is evident in the fact that when you compare the amount we pay our student employees with the total amount we receive in student tuition, an amount equivalent to forty cents is paid out to the student workers of BYU Abandoned cars philadelphia every dollar taken in as tuition and fees. Thus, the raise of fifteen cents an hour we gave this year is equivalent to two-thirds of a million dollars or thirty dollars for each of our twenty-five thousand students. One out of Download free piano tiles of our entering freshman last year was a convert to the Church, and half of these had been converted within the last three years.

Why did our freshman come to BYU? The four most important reasons they cited, in order of importance, were: the spiritual environment, associations with other Latter-day Saint people, the high academic Online Dating 420 Huntington area tonight of the institution, and the competence of the faculty.

About a dozen other factors, such as low-cost tuition, work opportunities, parental wishes, and marriage opportunities, were also mentioned, but they trailed far behind the first four reasons. Ninety percent said they looked on college as a real opportunity for intellectual development. But only 60 percent said they Oregon craig list any daily newspaper, including the Daily Universe, or any weekly news magazine.

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Seventy percent indicated that they rarely did serious reading aside from what they had to do in their course work and that they rarely questioned the accuracy of statements made in the textbooks and reference books. Over 40 percent indicated that they generally put off writing themes, reports, and term Uk kik girls until the last minute.

As we contemplate these responses of entering freshman, it is heartening to have this reaffirmation that there is still need for the teacher and the University.

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Our survey of freshman men and women also gave some insights on the interesting subject of choosing a mate. In response to questions about the most important qualities they would seek in selecting a mate, the principal characteristics cited, in addition to the obvious ones of love and enjoyment of companionship, were membership and activity in the Church, maturity, character development, and a sense of humor.

Physical appearance was practically at the bottom of the list. So much Flats to rent in parklands cape town gumtree the accuracy of surveys!

As for me, I was more impressed with the accuracy of the attitude reflect in an uned letter I received during the first week of school last fall from one of the Heritage Halls:. It has come to my attention that there are very few good looking men on this campus.

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I feel that I was lured here with false information and I would like either a complete refund or a Tall, Dark, and Handsome MAN to report immediately if not sooner to [such and such] Hall. We will handle things from there.

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That letter says it all. Again and again I have been impressed and humbled by the great personal qualities and desires of BYU students.

The student body and the president

Nowhere on earth could you find a group of young people who are your equal for faith, unselfishness, teachableness, knowledge of the gospel, and desire to do right. That last factor—desire Programmers dating service do right and the basic optimism it engenders—is probably the most apparent of all your virtues. After the author Alvin Toffler spoke on this campus two years ago he had lunch with Dr.

Robert K. Thomas and expressed his astonishment and admiration at the faces he had seen at BYU. They were different than he had seen at any other campus on his nationwide tour. Similarly, the non-LDS editor and publisher of a major newspaper in California described seeing in the faces at BYU the generation he had envisioned for many years that would rise up and lead the country.

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The same distinguishing virtues of BYU students appear in the description of a faculty member who came here after an experience at another university. He described how he had seen young people at the other university depressed at being involved Rough and ready sex the drug scene and in other types of immoral and criminal behavior. We have high expectations of ourselves, and others share them. That Love speed dating us especially vulnerable to criticism, and how some love to criticize!

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And repent you do. Scores of letters come to my office from students who realize they have committed some wrong involving Oak city UT cheating wives University and who desire to complete their repentance by making restitution and getting back on the road of growth and progress.

For example, Sundance village blacksburg two weeks ago I received the following letter:. I have also received letters of regret and confession about cheating on examinations, plagiarism in submission papers, false certifications, and cheating or attempting to cheat on our dress and grooming standards.

In every instance we try to help the individual make the matter right with himself or herself and any other persons who have been wronged. Although our policies must apply to general situations and Mandarin ducks for sale craigslist masses of people, we do try to focus our concerns on the individual, just as we know our Savior would do.

No experience gives me greater personal pleasure than to see young men and women grow toward their stature as sons and daughters of God. Along the rocky road of self-improvement most of us tend to get a little self-righteous, and the average BYU student probably has a slightly larger than average measure of self-righteousness.

A Daily Universe cartoon a few years ago gave a deft criticism of this tendency. The cartoon showed a hippie, obviously not a member Hinge dating locations the BYU community, standing in a campus location surrounded and almost covered by a pile of rocks and boulders, looking all bruised and beaten by the stoning.

One of the most appreciated virtues of BYU students is the support they show and the appreciation they express for the ideals and standards of the University and for their teachers and administrators.

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I will quote only one example, which I select because its source and content are quite unexpected. It came from a young man who had just graduated from BYU:.