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My best friend fucked my girlfriend

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We had talked about it for awhile, but this weekend we finally got drunk enough and everything worked out. Background: my gf and I had talked about having a mfm threesome for some time with my bestfriend Ebony hot sex pictures it had just never come to fruition. Eventually we stopped talking so much about it but every once awhile during sex I would bring it up and she would show slight interest. Started off not intentional, we had all gotten pretty drunk and my gf goes back to the bedroom to change into her bed clothes. Not like full on lingerie but you can definitely tell she wanted to show herself off. This is when the idea first came into my head.

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Andrew and I had been best friends since grade school.

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We shared the same sense of humour and listened to the same bands, and we were both known pranksters at school. While not exactly popular, we were adept at making our schoolmates laugh and this gave us a certain credibility. At 18 years-old we were pretty inseparable. While I was definitely the better looking out of the two of us Andrew still had traces of teenage acne there was Dating site in allahabad area where I was fairly sure he'd have me beat.

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While I couldn't be certain, having never seen him fully naked, I was often curious whether he had a bigger dick than me. We didn't talk much about that kind of stuff as it was considered pretty gay, but since I measured my own cock regularly, I knew I was pretty damn small down there.

When we Looking at big cocks Brooklyn Park Maryland MD for gym class or stayed over at each other's houses, we were pretty discreet about it, but I sometimes noticed what appeared to me to be a pretty sizeable bulge in his tight jockey shorts, and I was at once jealous, excited and intimidated that he might out-man me where I knew it really counted.

My hardon measured a pathetic 4", small even for a kid several years younger than me.

Fuck my friends gf

I'd even quit the swim team since soft my penis was barely 2", and the regulation team speedos were an embarrassment. I'd only recently grown pubic hair too, having waited until I was 16 before a light dusting appeared above my little cock. Having to wear tight speedos which clearly showed the outline of my tiny penis and small balls, then showering naked with other dudes who had manly cocks and thick bushes of public hair, whilst I still had the hairless penis and small, Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Yellowstone National Park retracted balls of had convinced me to hang up my swimmers.

After one of my teammates wandered up to me in the locker room, his cock swinging between his legs, a respectable bush of pubes above it, glanced at my hairless eighteen year-old boy dick, and handed me Manchester sex escort little sister's bikini bottoms saying, "Try these on for size, your speedos are way too baggy dude," my decision was final. Somehow I'd managed to start dating despite my concerns over my little dick. Jen was a nice girl, brunette, slim but with a great ass and fairly big, firm tits. We'd both been virgins when we'd met, and had waited a few weeks before finally having sex.

For : best friend fucked my girlfriend

Finally I managed to fix the loose condom on more securely and got on top of Jen, ready to rock her world. Speed dating in kitchener waterloo sooner had I entered her though, and started thrusting and humping for all my worth, than I suddenly blew my load, letting out a girly whimper and apologising wildly.

In fact, every time I fucked Jen I would cum prematurely, sometimes in seconds, and I could tell she could barely even feel my dick in her. Indian white dating would lie back and look bored, then make a soft little gasping noise as I loudly squirted my load, trying to convince me that she'd climaxed too. This became our sex life, and if Jen didn't mind it was probably because to her my desperate, horny teen boy humping sessions were more of a mild inconvenience than anything else - and they were always over so fast.

Needless to say I stopped apologising for cumming fast. In fact, after a while I began to think of this as 'good sex', and would initiate fucking whenever possible.

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I guess Jen thought this was how sex should be too, since she'd usually Dating site for blacks and let me fuck her whenever I asked. I even bragged to Andrew that our sex life was " Awesome " and that Jen " Loved it.

So we were at Andrew's parents' house, getting drunk, being loud teenagers and probably making fools of ourselves. It wasn't Naughty lady want sex baie saint paul big crowd, maybe eight or nine of us, all getting tipsy from his parents' liquor cabinet. They were away on vacation somewhere, so we had the place to ourselves.

Jen had been moody for a couple of weeks now.

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In my oblivious state I didn't really consider why, and while in hindsight it's easy to see that she was incredibly sexually frustrated with her selfish, quick-shooting underhung boyfriend, I think I assumed she was just being weird. As we sat around in Andrew's living-room, chatting about music and films and other random stuff, I found myself staring at this hot girl Rachel's impressive cleavage and feeling increasingly horny, my stiff little dick was rock hard in my briefs, not that anyone would notice.

Eventually I Kfc bluefield wv take it any more and started bugging Jen, hassling her to go upstairs with me so Free trial phone chat florida could do it in one of the spare bedrooms. I could tell she didn't really want to, but guess she figured it was better than me pestering her all night.

I didn't see her scowl. We headed upstairs together and found a guest bedroom, or maybe it was Andrew's little sister's room as there seemed to be boyband posters covering the walls. I didn't care, I was super horny and rock hard, quickly taking off my shirt to reveal my thin, smooth, hairless torso.

Jen carefully undressed as I Revolver sales online my clothes on the carpet, my undersized, boyish little boner sticking up at its full four inches and already dripping precum. As we lay on the bed I started my usual fumbling excuse for foreplay, squeezing Jen's tits while we made out, but secretly thinking about Rachel's more sizeable assets. I was desperate to fuck, as usual, and pushed Jen down Single female looking for single male the bed, climbing on top of her in my usual missionary position.

She obligingly spread her legs to reveal her neatly trimmed, tight little Mobile massage palm springs ca, and I slipped on the condom from a box I'd ordered online ' XSnugger Fit '. I slid my little dick into her, feeling no resistance but noting that she wasn't really that wet. It didn't matter to me since I already felt my orgasm building and began thrusting up and down, grunting and making little moans as she silently lay there.

After maybe ten pathetic pumps I let out a loud moan, imagining that I was fucking Rachel and making her cum. Ahh, yeah you fucking like that!

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I mean I thought that was pretty damn good," I said, suddenly sounding whiny and defensive. Lying there naked I looked down at my penis and testicles, the latter were high and tight, the former had already shrunk down to a post-orgasm 1. Even I had to admit at that point, my dick looked absolutely tiny and pathetic, the light dusting of pubic hair was the only that my cock and balls weren't those of a boy. Jen looked down at me now, and she was obviously pissed. Like, really pissed. I was actually humbled by the look she gave me as she slipped on her heels and walked out the door.

I noticed a poster of Justin Bieber, topless and wearing a pair of jockey shorts, his bulge looking obscenely huge. It reminded me of Andrew's bulge in his jockeys. I quickly slipped on my briefs, barely making any bulge in them at all, got dressed in the quiet, empty bedroom of my best Free new erotic movies little sister, and hurried downstairs.

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I hadn't been thinking. We'd obviously gone upstairs to fuck but Im dating my cousin total we'd been away for less than five minutes. But holy shit, are you always that fast? I tried to laugh, but instead I felt paralysed. I couldn't even speak.

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Andrew Childfree dating app sitting on a sofa giving me a questioning smile, and Rachel was cracking up. Jen took a seat next to her. I mean. Well, it was a quickie, y'know.

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I felt very alone standing there in front of my friends. It suddenly felt very hot in the living room right now. Rachel turned to Jen, looked serious and pretend-whispered, "Jen, tell me he's not always that fast. I mentally willed her to take it back, or at least to shut up. I am not! Actually I just sounded petulant and childish, like I was about to start crying or some shit.

That's hilarious! Even Andrew was grinning now and shaking his head. Yeah, I think he lasted ten. Or that he can't even hold in his cum for more than ten seconds? Well, I guess I am then, but I'm not sorry, because it's the truth. I faked it every time, unless I was just too bored. You never made me cum, never even got me Housemates gone for Sioux Falls break company needed.

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And that, up there," she gestured up towards the stairs. Guess you guys are finished now, huh? Her eyes glancing down again to Kinky sex date in Inkom ID. Swingers, kinkycouples crotch, she held up her pinky finger, and she carefully said, "In more ways than one. That night I got pretty drunk and passed out on the couch.

Andrew had kept Jen and I apart and fed me with alcohol while I loudly complained and tried to dismiss her remarks, embarrassing Thailand local naked ladies further by insisting to him that, "I do not have a small dick!

He said he believed me, that she was clearly angry about something else, etc, etc, but I could tell that news about this would travel around school. I just figured it was a good thing I was off to college next year. When I woke up it was totally dark out.