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Have you ever wondered why people hang stockings up by the fireplace on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas or Santa Claus to fill with small gifts and goodies? Children all over the world have St Nicholas to thank for this custom, although those who celebrate his feast day receive their treats Dating agency for professionals December 6th St Nicholas Day rather than Christmas Eve.

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Perfect girl orgy was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century, in a place called Myra in Asia Minor now called Turkey. He was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money.

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Daughter I: Oh, Daddy, do we have to go yet?

History of st. nicholas day

Daughter III: I heard that! No fun Portland puppies for sale this place. I for one wish I could get married and leave this house. Be patient! Daughter I: Patient? Are you kidding? What an optimist. Ten years Is long enough he said.

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Please say yes, Daddy. Daughter III: No, absolutely not! Father: faking a Scottish accent Air ye daft? Have ye lost your feeble minds?

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Mother: So, go along to bed now, girls Trying to appease them. Your Father and I will discuss it. Maybe we call work out something. How can we ever give them what they want? Mother: Who said we should? We never God say something to me yet.

Three impoverished maidens

We call sell these daughters Of ours to them. Father: What a good idea! I hate to do it, but it seems the best possible plan. Tomorrow, then!

Saint nicholas

Nicholas, meanwhile, overhearing their plans readies bags of gold to throw into the open window. Father: Hello! Those feisty boys are up to no good Just want to end it. Ignores bag on floor. We need to think about moving to the suburbs of Myra. I say, my eyes may be deceiving me, but I think I just saw a Bishop. It is Every Member Canvass time, you know.

They hurriedly go to the bags and begin opening them, and pouring the contents on the floor, until there is a big pile of golden coins, amid whoops and shouts of joy.

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Mother: Just look at all this money! Enough for three grand weddings. Father: Now just a minute.

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You think we ought to tell the girls? And I never felt Married woman looking for affairs in Poland about selling our girls to a slave ship anyway. Father: It was a slave ship? I thought they would be first class sailors. Now I see the error of my ways and repent in sack cloth and ashes—well, anyway I repent. Go wake the girls. Father: My darling girls, your request has been granted.

You can be married next month after you get thego to pre-marital instruction, reserve the church, line up the photographer, get a caterer, rent a hall and a band, etc, etc, etc. Daughter I: Oh yes, Daddy, what a splendid idea. Uh, where did you say the money came from?

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Apparently, Bishop Nicholas heard about your plight and wanted to rescue you from a life of spinster-hood, so he tossed three bags of gold through the open window there. Good thing we left that window open, too, right here in the middle of winter.

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It would have Healthy land spa massage orlando fl a mighty crash had he broken the glass. Father: Anyway, girls, now we have enough for you to be married properly, thanks to the generosity of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, patron saint of sailors, of merchantmen of children, and of unmarried girls everywhere. ALL: to audience May you all live happily ever after! By Paul E. Cosby, Interim Rector, St. Used by permission. Nicholas ant A Visit from St. Nicholas: A Melodrama When St. Nicholas Comes Who Is St.