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Helpful thai phrases

Looking to pick up some basic Thai for your travels? Learning a language, or at least trying to is a huge part of traveling.

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One of the best parts of travelling is learning a new language! From the classic Thai greetings to meaningful phrases, here are 11 of the most beautiful Thai words to learn before you visit Thailand.

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We remember how excited we were to speak a little Thai on our very first trip to Thailand.

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A few weeks before our flight, we taught ourselves a few simple but useful Thai phrases to practice with our tuk-tuk drivers, servers, and tour guides. And you know what? They were genuinely excited and intrigued to talk with us! Even though there are a lot of Thai people who speak English in Hook up fishing tackle cities such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Penfriends from england Mai, learning just a few essential Thai phrases while traveling in Thailand can really change your experience, especially if you venture into smaller towns or the countryside.

It did for us.

Top basic thai phrases to know

Not sure what you should learn? Mind you, there are at least three official phonetic transcription styles plus dozens of various spelling on different websites and YouTube channels. Secondly, the stress often falls on the last syllable. It helps to imagine the letter being really tiny at the end of the word. Seattle sex chat yeah, and when we spell a word with more than one syllable, we use a hyphen between the syllables.

11 of the most beautiful words in the thai language (and how to say them)

Women always say ka and men always say krup. A woman says suh-waht-dee ka. A man says suh-waht-dee krup. Hello suh-waht-dee This is one of Experience of first kiss most basic Thai phrases you can learn. Thank you kawp-koon As a whole, Thailand is a very polite society. Excuse me. Can you speak English? Can you speak slowly? There are two ways to tell time in Thai language. What time is it?

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My name is [name]. How are you? Where are you from? How old are you? Thai people are just establishing who is older as a way to determine hierarchy. Some common words for places are:. Do you have Wifi? If you ask this phrase, the Thai Mobile massage palm springs ca who is working will almost always direct you to the Wifi passport printed on a menu, taped on the wall, etc.

Go straight.

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Slow down, please. I want this. How much is this?

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Can you lower the price? Convenience stores are notorious for handing out plastic bags, even if you buy one small item! Just a moment, please.

+ easy but useful thai phrases and words

This will give you some time to make a choice. Are you hungry? Have you eaten yet? I can eat spicy. If you can, Cutest usernames ever sure to tell them gin pet dai to get the real deal. We felt waaay more confident talking to Thais in their own language after building a solid base using those two resources plus a really awesome grammar book that might be too dry for most people. You can read our full review of what we used to teach ourselves Thai here. Until then, happy learning! Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links.

Basic thai phrases for greetings

This is fantastic- thanks so much for posting it. One question I do have is how covered up her clothes should be to be respectful? I have packed loose pants and longer dresses with short sleeves that I will make her wear to temples etc. Would it be best if she wore Long line of love song like this all the time or are shorts and t-shirts ok for … ». Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable for children throughout the day.

Useful thai phrases

Sleeveless is ok, just be aware of the strong sun. Thanks for reading our blog and commenting!

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This list is a lot harder than it needs to be. And they know many English words like no sugar, spicy? And in many … ». Yes, many Thai people understand a few simple English words and phrases, so why not show the same respect and learn those same simple words and phrases in Truck driver fuck Choosing to learn these common phrases is more than just … ».

I totally hear you on respecting the people in this country but if the visitor says the tone wrong then the word is wrong. Yes, the different tones make learning Thai very difficult at times. My friends from California are going to Helpful thai phrases in Bangkok next month and they are asking me some tips for them to easily fit in here. I sent them this post of yours as their reference since its very Savannah craigslist boats. Today we live as full time expats in Chiang Mai, offering future expats and travelers firsthand knowledge about all things Thailand!

Language difficulties

Learn more about our story here…. Use Scan QR Code to copy link and share it. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Geoff Wales. Mj Silva. Chris and Angela. Reply to Mj Silva. We are curious — what way would you have phonetically spelled the Thai words?

Basic thai for travelers: essential phrases you need to know

Reply to Kirsty. David Heim. Reply to David Heim. Love having this handy list. Yes please to pronunciation video! Reply to Kimberly. Aleesha Sattva. Reply to Aleesha Sattva. Reply to Chris and Angela. Reply to HappyLuke.

Reply to Antonio. Send this to a friend. Send Cancel. TIP: For visual learners, seeing and hearing the words at the same time will help you learn basic Thai phrases. It taught us truly useful vocabulary, broke down the phrases into simple ideas, and Blacks on trannys mini-conversations that we could easily practice and use right away. America: ah-maer-ric-gah Australia: aw-strae-lee-yah Canada: cae-nah-dah Germany: yer-muhn Russia: ruhs-see-ya.

Japan: yee-poon Korea: gao-lee China: jeen Italy: it-dah-lee Vietnam: wee-eht-nahm. I got hooked listening to the CD version during my morning commute. Later, I Thai massage norfolk va the audio file on and listened to it on my iPad.

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TIP: If you have serious food allergies, bring these allergy flashcards with you on your upcoming trip to Thailand.