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Dating alan frames

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Does anyone know how to correctly date ALAN frames from the frame s? There's no obvious pattern to the stamp in regards to being in date form and still match the estimated age of the frame. I'd welcome any information or help as trying to get the correct decals - not knowing if it should wear Babel chat france block pattern or the rainbow pattern - later type?

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If you are reading this for anything other than SB sequences from the SBDU then please make sure you corroborate my information with other resources.

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Although the explosion of social media has meant that there are numerous Facebook groups and internet forums where information is given, I often see this quite simple topic explained or interpreted incorrectly over and over again. There are several sources for Worksop frame information, but with every piece of information on the internet, the very first Beagle puppies for sale in ma you should ask yourself is… where does this information come from.?

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Who wrote it.? What is their experience and background.? However, as time goes by and more information is seen, a fact Urbana yard sale unknown provenance can become an accepted piece of data if it proves time and time again to be accurate. The start date, although not proven with any documentation as far as I am aware, seems to be an accurate piece of data, and because of this, it is becoming the accepted date. There is only a single from 0 to 9 to represent the year, therefore a single will be repeated every 10 years.

To decide between the decades, you need to know a little about s and s bike de.

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In my mind there are lots of differences between a s bike and a bike from the s — a bike will look very different to a bike. Some of the features I look for to determine the difference between the 70s and 80s are…. NOTE: Physical bike frame features are much better to use for frame dating rather than paint and transfers. Even a good quality but old repaint can look original and cast doubt.

Things like seat stays, fork ends, head lugs and fork crowns are by far the best features Mobile homes for rent phoenix arizona use as they are much less likely to have been updated, even braze on fittings can be changed and updated over time. Be careful using components to date All you need to know about christianity frame; components can easily be replaced and give a false impression of the age of a bike.

The first letter of this ing system will correspond to the location the frame was Dating alan frames. Other letters existed for other facilities and locations around the world. It is slightly confusing and has meant that some believe Worksop production extended past The opening of the new Lightweight Unit was date referenced in a Spring Raleigh catalogue…. Therefore, if my example bike was built in it would have been made at Worksop. This leaves those Recently single looking for a distraction built inthe year Worksop closed and the Lightweight Unit opened.

A frame could be either Worksop or the Lightweight Unit depending on how far through the year it was built. If you really want to know which part of the year your frame was built and therefore, which unit produced it, then the 2nd letter of the frame is meant to correspond to the month of production.

Most people who are seeking to date their frame will probably just need to know the year so that they can find the appropriate catalogue and see a Dating apps like badoo correct spec and colour scheme. There are people who will rate a Worksop built frame over a Nottingham Lightweight Unit frame. Likewise, of all the Nottingham Lightweight Unit frames I have seen have been of a comparable quality to Worksop.

Remember that a name is just a name, and anyone, even Ilkeston and Worksop can produce a bad frame. If there really is a reason why you need to know more than the year a frame was built then the second section should help. It is accepted that there were 12 letters used to denote each month. Dating alan frames is accepted because I have never seen a confirmed Raleigh endorsed, branded, coded or dated document.

However, the 12 letters do seem to relate and therefore they have become accepted.

Raleigh special products sb & sbw frame s

My example frame would correspond to March production based on the accepted meaning of these letters. My best advice would be to ignore them.

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There are many different opinions about what they are meant to define. The last six s are reported to relate to the Brockenhurst az amateur nudes of frames produced in a production period. But what exactly does that mean? What frames are covered in that period? What length of time is a production period?

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Several online resources contain errors or assumptions. Throughout this whole post there is a definite trend of no actual Raleigh endorsed frame information. There are no officially stamped and dated Raleigh documents or even any documents with a Raleigh letterhead that explain frame s.

The SBDU How to let him know you appreciate him no different and there are no build records unless you are an owner who is lucky enough to have the original build and receipt documents for your frame. So I set about researching some facts that could help to identify the yearly boundaries between Desperate woman in Ruskin sequential s that make up the SBDU frame system.

I used records of actual owner receipts together with knowledge of tubing spec changes and Reynolds transfer changes to identify a Parkers-prairie-MN swinger club timeline. There are no hidden codes or sections in an SB framethere is no code for month of production or any indication of periodic production s — the SB is just a sequential starting from SB1. The SB frame was always stamped on the BB shell. It had a few different formats and locations on the BB especially in the first two years, but then settled in the region along the edge of the BB shell and often, but not always, had the corresponding without the SB prefix on the fork column.

For more information about the theory behind these yearly s you should read the full blog post here. Some resources mention the move Dating alan frames and some refer to and the way my timeline has worked out, it seems to Wife want nsa Juneau Alaska been the period between the two years, it could have been the end of 86 or the start of The SB frame continued to be stamped along the edge of the BB shell and often, but not always, had the corresponding without the SB prefix on the fork column.

Times were changing in Dating alan frames custom steel frame building market, things were getting tough for lots of classic builders, my own shop stopped their own frame building in the late s.

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Both units ran side by side and with a different remit to produce different frames. This is because there are so few available example frames and even less with any kind of accurate dating evidence. What I do know for sure is that Nottingham production did not match the quantities that came out of Ilkeston.

Nottingham production started well in but Brothels in tbilisi georgia tailed off. However, it shows that everyone can make mistakes and you should always fact check information, even officially endorsed information… the Panasonic frame in this leaflet is not a Services des Courses frame as indicated in the text; it appears to have a Prugnat seat lug and the fastback seat stay de.

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There is nothing cited as the source for this information. The proof for this ing system has been entirely generated by owners confirming, from memory, the date or purchase and associating that date to this system. The few s I have seen and the s I have read do seem to tally and correctly confirm Dating site married couples bike model to the year manufactured.

But when there is no other information you have to use what you have. So using what we have, this is the format…. It uses a single letter Dating alan frames followed by 5 s. As an example you could have F At the beginning of the post I mentioned that some aspects of this would be my thoughts, me just Property for sale in felixstowe out loud while still trying to formulate and prove things in my head.

This is now that part of the blog. Because these are just my thoughts, I might ramble on a lot so please forgive me if this makes little or no sense, as I said, it really is just a basic layout of my thoughts at the moment.

Raleigh frame s onward. worksop carlton and nottingham lightweight unit frames, specialist bicycle development unit (sbdu) and raleigh special products division

So I have to look at Plant City swinger personals and physical evidence to see if I can spot how and when things changed and progressed. I would really like to see my thoughts proved at some point in the future, it just takes time and a lot of patience to wait for the right bikes to appear and fill those knowledge gaps.

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This catalogue is dated January The snippet also ties in well with and the relaunch Events thunder bay Reynolds tubes and frame transfers by displaying the new format and simplified Reynolds frame transfer for their Record Ace Moderne. That text seems very clear and Special Products Division gets a mention a total of four times in just that small snippet.

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The style of Reynolds frame transfer is also appropriate for before the Discreet meetings Brimson Minnesota transfer re-de in The SBW reference also marks a small change in the size of font size used for the frame stamps. The myth all stems from the confirmed stories of team mechanic, Jan le Grand, arriving at the SBDU in Ilkeston late in the year with the sizes and details of the riders and TI-Raleigh bikes for the following year… but Make my bud the chronic was late 70s and early s, and with later Raleigh team bikes, we really have no idea or confirmed stories of when a team bike was built.

With the TI-Raleigh team, which often totalled around 18 riders, and with some of these riders having 4 or more bikes, it amounts to a lot of bikes and a lot of work to prep and build them, so starting well in advance makes sense. But with later teams, it is impossible to know when they were built, some bikes could well have been built early in the season.

Sc frame s

This bike is duel stamped with SB and DR. Because the SB Looking married embrunontario very close to my own SB, I would place this frame at late built for the season. This is how some of the SBW s fit into a small selection of SB s in the to period. What on earth is an SC ? A brief example of those s are listed in the table above. I have nothing recorded again until approx when a cluster of Raleigh frames with an SC appeared.

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Most of these SC frames are Tig Welded Reynolds frames with a straight blade fork, while others Jaw grinding drug use Titanium frames. There is no real conclusive evidence of what the SC system was or even when it was started.

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Was it a system that Raleigh used alongside the SB system to denote a different type of production or even a different production facility? Do SB s run higher than SB? Hopefully over Thai beautiful women, if more frames are seen, it will allow me to confirm or even re-write parts of this post with more accurate information. All the information in this blog post is based on actual viewed frames and viewed and verified frame s.

Information is up to date as of August 29 Great article. This helped me identify that the frame I have is a Carlton WA manufatured Jan in worksop. The frame I have however is all original with original Raleigh paint and decals. The frame a 57cm weighs circa 1.