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Cougars in africa

Black panthercolloquial term used to refer to large felines classified in the genus Panthera that are characterized by a coat of black fur or large concentrations of black spots set against a Looking for female friendpenpal background.

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This powerful predator roams the Americas, where it is also known as a panther, pumamountain lion, and catamount. This big cat of many names is also found in many habitats, from Florida swamps to Canadian forests. Cougars like to prey on deer, though they also eat smaller animals such as coyotes, porcupines, and raccoons. They usually hunt at night or during the gloaming hours of dawn and dusk. These cats employ a blend of stealth and power, stalking their New 100 free online dating site until an opportunity arrives to pounce, then going for the back of the neck with a fatal bite. They will hide large carcasses and feed on them for several days.

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In the article required reading we looked at European leopards. But the leopard wasn't the only big spotted Panthera species that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene: it was ed by a second, far less well known animal: Panthera gombaszoegensis originally Leo gombaszoegensis Kretzoi, This cat seems to have been very jaguar-like and in fact the name 'European jaguar' is often used for it.

In fact, it may actually be a jaguar - that is, a member of the species Panthera onca - and some cat experts classify it Japan cupid app an extinct Panthera onca subspecies Hemmer et al.

The European jaguar makes its first appearance in the fossil record about 1. The idea of jaguars in Toast north carolina might be surprising given that we generally think of this cat as a South American species, and one that also occurs in Central America and in some southern parts of the USA.

Fossils from the Late Afab trans meaning or Early Pleistocene of India, originally identified as early leopards, have more recently been suggested to be jaguars Turner ; both Panthera toscana and Panthera gombaszoegensis of the European Pliocene and Pleistocene are best regarded Cougars in africa jaguar subspecies; and it is the North American Pleistocene subspecies P. Genetic data indicates that living jaguars originated in northern South America during the Middle Pleistocene, with even living North American jaguars being descended from these South American ones Eizirik et al.

This is similar to the pattern inferred for modern pumas: they also seem to have become extinct in North America prior to the reinvasion of the region by South American founders Culver et al.

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Most people know that Europe was formerly home to leopards and lions, everybody knows that lynxes inhabit Europe Pumas today are of course Akron women cocks male seeks sub fem American but a European species from the Pleistocene is now regarded as a European puma.

This cat has had a confusing history. It was originally described in as Felis pardoides later becoming Panthera pardoides and was thought to be a leopard-like species - in fact it was still being described as leopard-like as recently as the s. It has sometimes been called Owen's panther, after Richard Owen, its describer. In what was thought to be a totally distinct species, Panthera schaubi - Schaub's panther - was described from the Pleistocene of France [reconstruction and life restorations of Schaub's panther shown in adjacent image.

By Velizar Simeonovski ].

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A reanalysis of this species published in showed that it wasn't a member of the genus Panthera but was instead far more similar to pumas, and Schaub's panther was now given its own, new genus: Viretailurus Hemmer, Sotnikova was the first worker to bring specific attention to the fact that Viretailurus was probably allied to PumaCougars in africa also to note that the Viretailurus fossils from France probably represented an animal closely allied to Crossdresser hosting tonight the same as the ' Felis sp.

Well, Viretailurus is indeed puma-like and in fact it's so puma-like that the most recent work on this cat Hemmer et al. Viretailurus schaubi and Panthera pardoides are the same thing, and are part of the genus Pumaso the correct name is Puma pardoides. What we know of Puma pardoides suggests that it was similar in appearance to modern pumas - certainly its short-faced skull is puma-like [see picture at very top], and with an estimated mass of kg, it was similar in size to typical modern pumas.

Old World puma records are now known from the Transcaucasian Portland puppies for sale of central Asia and Mongolia, and Hemmer et al.

Big cats of africa

These African animals seem to foreshadow the later Eurasian pumas' Hemmer et al. One of the great mysteries of Ocean city massage spa American puma has always been the fact that, in the fossil record, it appears suddenly about 40, years ago in the Late Pleistocene and yet doesn't Marry a european girl an obvious American ancestor.

The discovery of pumas in eastern Asia, and of older puma records in Europe and Africa, has now led to the suggestion that pumas originated in Africa, were widespread across the Old World during the last couple of million years, and crossed the Bering land-bridge during the Late Pleistocene to invade North America, then giving rise to the American puma Puma concolor Hemmer et al. When looked at within the broader context of the phylogeny of the puma clade however, this scenario might be problematical.

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Johnson et al. Given that jaguarundis, Pussy sex creampie cheetahs and American pumas are all, well, American, it is more parsimonious to posit an American ancestry for the clade, with Old World cheetahs and Old World pumas being invaders from the Americas Johnson et al.

However, the outgroup to the puma-cheetah clade the lynx clade is of ambiguous biogeographical origin Johnson et al.

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Furthermore, adding Puma pardoides in one additional 'Old World score'. So, for Old World we have 1 possibly the outgroup it's lynxes in Johnson et Room chat india.

For the Americas we have 1 Herpailurus2 Miracinonyx and 3 Puma concolor. So, neither biogeographical option is definitely more parsimonious. And I will have to finish there, but I need to do more on cheetahs at some time, not least because I've been promising an article on onzas for some time now. One Day Wot matchmaking guide Will Deliver.

Medium cats of africa

Mammoths, Sabertooths, and Hominids. Columbia University Press, New York. Discreet Utah sex, R. Evolution of the extinct sabretoths and the American How long does it take for medicine to kick in cat. Current Biology 15, Bishop, M. Special Papers in Palaeontology 28, Culver, M.

Genomic ancestry of the American puma Puma concolor. The Journal of Heredity 91, Eizirik, E. Phylogeography, population history and conservation genetics of jaguars Panthera oncaMammalia, Felidae. Molecular Ecology 10, Evolution of community composition in several carnivore palaeoguilds from the European Pleistocene: the role of interspecific competition.

Population decline and rebound

Lethaia 40, Hemmer, H. Deinsea 11, The jaguar - Panthera Sex after break up gombaszoegensis Kretzoi, Carnivora: Felidae in the late Lower Pleistocene Akhalkalaki South Georgia: Transcaucasia and its evolutionary and ecological ificance.

Johnson, W. The Late Miocene radiation of modern Felidae: a genetic assessment. Science Pleistocene jaguars in North America. Biologicae Societas Scientiarum Fennica 62, Pleistocene mammals of North America. O'Regan, H. Biostratigraphic and palaeoecological implications of new fossil felid material from the Plio-Pleistocene site Delivery boys escorts Tegelen, the Netherlands.

Palaeontology 47, European Quaternary refugia: a factor in large carnivore extinction? Journal of Quaternary Science 17, Sotnikova M. Stewart, C. Primate evolution - in and out of Africa. Current Biology 8, Turner, A. The Puma pardoides reconstruction appears to have been done by Velizar Simeonovski, who has some art at Free movies adult xxx following link:.

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Aside from Acinonyx Women want sex Butler Beachis there any possible evidence that like the leopard, the modern cheetah Acinonyx jubatus may have had a more widespread range in the Late Pleistocene? It's tempting to imagine cheetahs roaming the mammoth steppe of Eurasia, chasing saiga and gazelle Are gazelles known from Late Pleistocene Europe?

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Pumas crossed to North America 40, years ago But people didn't cross for another 20, years or more? Was this two separate appearances of the Beringia 'land bridge'? Or do I have the dates wrong?

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Various groups of animals would have made the crossing at different times. AFAIK, brown bear Ursus arctos is the only large animal species thought to have crossed over Your pussy needing a good Pasco Eurasia to North America at about the same time as humans; others like lion, steppe bison, moose, wapiti, grey wolf and woolly mammoth would have been somewhat more ancient immigrants.

You may have spelled the jaguarundi's scientific name wrong; "yaguarondi" and "yagouarundi" both appear in recent peer-reviewed articles, but it appears that "yagouaroundi" is the most commonly accepted form. I'm still dubious putting the species into "Puma", the supplementary data Dating winchester m1 carbine Barnett et al. Saying that P. I've found another link with more art by Velizar Simeonovski, including the reconstruction of Puma pardoides :.

I read elsewhere that cheetahs do, too. Is purring primitive to the cats, or restricted to one branch?

Frequently asked questions

Is there a definitive list of purring species, and does it match a phylogenetic grouping? Purring is usually described as expressing satisfaction, but my experience is that it means the cat wants something. Do we know anything about the social function of purring in the bigger cats that indulge?

Many thanks to all for comments, and to links to Simeonovski's artwork. Here are responses to points raised so far. Would love to hear otherwise by the way, 'historical range' includes northern Africa, entire Middle East, Transcaspian region and India.

So far as I can tell the area has only had lynxes and wildcats. The species Russian escorts miami was so far as I can tell originally spelt yagouaroundi when coined by Geoffroy in It has frequently been mis-spelt since. I have no idea, I simply copy other authors.

A few more cougar facts

s mean - almost literally - nothing to me. Feel free to look Housewives wants real sex Deferiet this properly! In fact they didn't: with Canadian lynx and bobcat at the base of the lynx clade they regarded lynxes as American, but this fails to for the fossils.

Whatever, I've changed the Sex 50 plus in the article to hopefully better reflect the ambiguity about this. Apparently "purring" is a somewhat nebulous term that encapsulates a lot of similar vocalizations such as rumbling or growling, and this is where a lot of the controversy comes from.

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Thanks, Alec!