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Buffy dating quotes

I'm psyched. There's gonna be some heat if you know what I mean, so you guys might wanna duck and cover. And I'm starting to be geeky" -- Xander "How did U find me here?

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The heart of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was its characters and the relationships they shared with one another throughout the show's seven seasons.

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Rupert Giles : In every Abilene tx hook up there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. Dawn Summers : Oh my God. You will never believe what happened at school today!

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Buffy Summers : Everybody started singing and dancing? Dawn Summers : [ disappointed ] I gave birth to a pterodactyl. Anya : Oh my God. Did it sing? Buffy Summers : As defending champion, you nervous?

Timeless ‘buffy the vampire slayer’ quotes proving why the show will live forever

Anya : For God's sakes Andrew, you've been in here for 30 minutes. What are you doing? Andrew Wells : Entertaining and educating. Anya : Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us? Xander Harris : Who's a little fear demon? Come on, who's a little fear demon?

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Rupert Giles : Xander, don't taunt it. Xander Harris : What, can it hurt me? Rupert Giles : No, it's just Willow Rosenberg : I'm a breast gal myself. But of course, you already knew that.

Buffy Summers : Amy! How've you been? Amy Madison : Rat. Buffy Summers : Dead. Buffy Summers : Cordelia.

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Your mouth is open, sound is coming from it. This is never good. Anya : I know you like me. I've seen you looking at my breasts. Xander Harris : No offense, but when a guy does that, it just means his eyes are open. Beautiful ladies looking seduction Santa Fe : It's nice to watch you be happy.

For them, even. I don't see it a lot. You glow. Buffy Summers : That's because the dress is radioactive.

Willow Rosenberg : [ about Xander dating Cordelia ] What's his ? Oh yeah, I'm-dating-a-skanky-hoe. Buffy Summers : Meow. Willow Rosenberg : Really? I've never gotten a 'meow' before.

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Faith : Five by five. Cordelia Chase : No way! I wish us into bizarro-land and you two guys are still together? Buffy Summers : So Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday. Buffy Summers Love a curvy gal I seem to be having a slight case of nudity here. Oz : It looks dead.

6 ways 'buffy' prepared you (kind of) for love

It smells dead. Yet it's moving around.

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That's interesting. Dawn Summers : When do I get to patrol?

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Buffy Summers : Not until you're never. Spike : Who do you kill for fun around here? Mayor Richard Wilkins : Where is the courier? I told him to come so he could get his Hunting camp sex. Faith : I made him an offer he couldn't survive. Jonathan Levinson : Stop touching my magic bone! Xander Harris : You know what day Sri lanka speed dating great for a break-up? Any day but Valentine's Day! Billy 'Ford' Fordham : I know all your deepest secrets, Summers.

Xander Harris : Care to make a small wager on that? Drusilla : Say uncle.

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Oh that's right, you killed my uncle. Mayor Richard Wilkins : [ clears his throat ] Well, what a day this is. A special day. Today is our centennial - the th anniversary of the founding of Sunnydale and I know what that means to all you kids Because today, something much more important happens - today you all graduate from Buffy dating quotes school.

Today, all the pain, all the work, all the excitement is finally over. And what's a hundred years of history compared to that? Buffy Summers : My God, he's gonna do the entire speech! Willow Rosenberg : Man, just ascend, already! Buffy Summers : Evil! Mayor Richard Wilkins Room share for rent It's been a long road getting here. For you. For Sunnydale. There's been achievement, joy, good times. Used porsche boxster houston there's been grief Some people who should be here today But we are And what is a journey?

Is it just Time spent? It's what happens on the way. It's the things that shape you.

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At the end of the journey, you're not the same. Today is about change.

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Graduation doesn't just mean you're circumstances change. It means you do. You ascend to a higher level. Nothing will ever be Love you for you same. Mayor Richard Wilkins : And so, as we look back on