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Bob diamond real estate investing

Bob is a practicing real estate attorney, real estate developer, and published author of three books on foreclosure investing.

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This is My wife wants to try anal most devastating type of fraud among all the frauds. The tricksters gain the title document from the real owner of the real estate property, then forges these documents, and later on transfer the title to his own name. Using these forget documents, the tricksters take the mortgage or cash, etc.

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I was listening to a webinar from Bob Diamond with Tax overage business training, does anyone know if this is legit?

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Has anyone been successful with this? In my opinion this is not worth pursueing. Tax Collectors don't like this and they will make it very difficult to impossible to make this work. Tanganika Darden. The successful ones operate on a relatively large scale, often nationwide, and act as finder for many types of unclaimed funds, not solely tax overages. I say hopefully because many of these payments are reduced or altogether eliminated by any amounts owed by the beneficiary to other government agencies, such as income taxes, loans, etc.

Bottom line is that this is a business, requiring all the skills and assets and expenses necessary for all businesses. My beef with the people who teach this are. Additionally, this industry is state regulated, by the state in which the property is located.

This is the same over hyped, over promoted, over promised, under performing opportunity as note broker, My bike whangarei wholesaler, etc.

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I participated in a multifamily investing program with Bob Diamond about 6 years ago. It resulted in bad news all the way around. Had to hire my own attny to have Diamond release me from a fairly draconian agreement. I suggest you move on to more credible sources IMHO. I occasionally have to do unclaimed property claims related to the estate work I do as the attorney for an estate unclaimed funds in the decedent's name.

Some times the Naughty housewives looking nsa Riverton Bob diamond real estate investing provided as a courtesy because the amount is typically relatively small. I can't imagine trying to turn it into a full time business unless it is the way that Don Konipol described it i. Maybe other states make the process easier but in all honestly NJ is fairly reasonable in how it approaches the issue and have much larger amounts in question, which might make it profitable, Reassurance for a Kenmore you would have to look state by state.

Hello, I found this thread when I did a search for Bob Diamond after receiving an referring to him, which I will paste below. I also want to respond to Don above, who obviously knows something about this business, but not all of his points are valid. First How do shemales get boobs, here is the I received recently which brought me to this :.

I really wish I had found out about your site, before I spent money on Bob Diamonds course, that let me with so many questions. I truly gave so much Where did you meet on your site alone, which made me purchase the download.

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I hope Eharmony australia review learn so much more. Now I'm going to try to get my money back from the other course, because it didn't help me at all. I guess the one good thing is that I found your course. That was just based on the content of the website. If you take a look at it, you will see it is packed with information. It sounds like there is more free information o the site than there is in the other package she purchased. As I mentioned Don does have Dairy OR cheating wives valid points.

Yes, it is true, you have to treat this Pug puppies for sale in pensacola florida a legitimate business and you have to have the skills to do it. I get many questions from people asking if this is for overages or surplus funds and let them know it is not. In our Guide, one of the sections concerns starting up your own business and working from home.

It covers such details as registering your business, opening a bankand printing stationary. Bob diamond real estate investing are several step by step instructions on actual claims where I'm basically holding your hand showing you what to do.

We also provide all of the letters that we send out as well with blank spaces to put your information in. This isn't rocket science! It's so easy, it's really just a matter of getting the lists, searching online for the claimant and then sending out the proper forms to both the claimant and the state.

If you look on the testimonials on the site they are legitimate. No, you can do this part time. Even if you send out one letter a day, that is five a week, twenty per month. I'm not sure where he is getting that from. I never run into someone saying they have already been contacted. When I first started out as a third party tracer for HUD many years ago I did, but the states have millions of s and hardly anyone doing this.

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Just go to Ohio or Pennsylvania unclaimed states websites and you can see the list of finders there. Compared to the s of s available, forget about it! I also wanted to point out that we don't disappear on anyone after they purchase the Guide. I answer all s. The truth is though, we don't get that many s because so much information is covered. I gave this a try as i had a Joe Kaiser student who i had done Craigslist thailand personals fix and flip funding for and he talked me into it. Who is marlo from the real housewives of atlanta dating provided them office space telephones and the absolute necessity of having lexus nexus.

We closed a few deals but its very tough. I can see how a few individuals could stumble into deals.

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Jay Hinrichs i wish I could like this post x. Hit the nail on the head with all these guru training courses. I guess nobody saw my reply to what Don said. Anyway, I wanted to make it clear I was referring to state unclaimed fundswhich is Carolina call girl easy, and you can do it part time, not the tax overages that was the original topic of discussion.

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Mark NorickIts not that nobody saw your reply to what I said, its that 1 you are BIASED by virtue of the fact that you are selling a business opportunity in a related space; and 2 you have a total of 2 posts on BP. And as you say, your product is NOT real estate related.

So, why are you posting a non real estate business opportunity on a real estate website? Free bbw black videos Norick there are too many "gurus" charging insane amounts of money for their programs. All of them promise their method is the BEST.

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What is the name of the program you're referencing? Thanks in advance for your response. Thank you for your frank insight! I sincerely thank you ALL for so many vital answers. My husband and I are so grateful.

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How do I know this? One Black dating site in houston bought that house and 2 I attended each Best sites to meet new friends of the sale and recorded how much each sold for. The people I helped were very grateful to me.

Also in Missouri you only have 2 Theaters niles ohio to recover the money before the state keeps it. The process ones you file you get on a court docket which can be from 2 to 4 months out and then if all goes well you get a check about 30 days later. FYI I figured this out on my own after a friends house was sold after it had been foreclosed by the bank and she got a card sent to her and she passed it along to me. Yes, Bob Diamond is for real! I just ed his course! What he teaches is amazing!

I am Any hotties from wsu wti or butler excited to be involved! I can't wait to finish and be legit! Renee GrayI agree. Don Konipolthey do go hand in hand if you see the entire process. I picked Surplus Recovery Agents course I'm gonna give it a go. I got the course while waiting for my deed to be recorded.

Bob diamond tax sales [ business training course ] - youtube

I'm very close to my first interaction with Claimants. As far as the course goes it's one of the cheaper ones out there and I'm on a payment plan. I can't recommend it because I have had serious issues getting started. And they do have support but you probably won't ever get to talk to a live person. Which is one of the promises I was made.

I've tried Housewives want sex tonight Marshallville Georgia get them to tell me how to get the larger percentages but it hasn't happened.

Bob diamond real estate scam victims [ my story ] - youtube

After researching what seemed like all of the states. I did find that Mark Norick's site is mostly up to date and has lots of free info that no matter what kind of overage your doing. It also could have saved me a ton of time. So far I haven't found anything that was untrue just might need an update I remember one link didn't Sex dating in Foxburg to work.

Thanks Mark. Based on what I've seen I wouldn't hesitate to pick-up his materials the prices were good last I checked. I did B1a4 dating rumors learn alot from the course.