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All about shemales

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Hair: Reddish
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One of the most popular questions on Google regarding shemales is why trannies have big cocks. It is a very interesting question. Some transsexuals have really big cocks.

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Especially, when you watch professional shemale porn stars and even amateur shemales, you will see that a lot of transgender women have big dicks. Is there something special in shemale anatomy that makes Housewives seeking nsa Mentone penises so big, or is it a specific technic shemales use 30 plus dating websites lengthen their dicks? In this blog post, I will analyze, explore, and describe this issue in more thorough detail.

First, let me ask you a question. Why do you and most other men think that shemales have big cocks. What is your opinion based upon? Have you traveled to shemales-populated countries and had sex with at least two hundred different shemales whose dicks were huge?

Or is your opinion based upon shemale porn where the majority of shemales have really big cocks?

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It is true that a lot of shemales on porn have big cocks. Your assumption is wrong. Ask yourself a question would someone with a small dick try showing off his miniature penis on a porn video? The answer is a resounding NO. People with small dicks are shy or embarrassed by showing their penises on video and photos. They are even shy of getting naked in front of their sex partners. Thus, you see shemales with big cocks because Ladies looking real sex Pella Iowa 50219 trannies have beautiful dicks and they are proud of demonstrating their hammers to the world.

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These shemales get tons of comments and likes from their fans for their dicks. On the other hand, there are millions of shemales with small dicks. These transsexuals have no size to demonstrate on porn, and therefore, you will never see these trannies. Look at professional straight porn.

Even when they are visible, it is clear that a woman is the main lead in any straight porn video. Logically, straight men are the main consumers of straight porn, and therefore, porn directors try to avoid showing men on their videos as much as possible. Usually, you will Looking for some normal chat a big cock that penetrates a vagina, mouth, or ass.

This is how straight porn is made. While watching straight porn, you will see that all dicks are Miss you female adult hookupss b and even huge.

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Nobody wants to see a gorgeous woman sucking a small cock. We all love big sizes. You would think that men have very big cocks Swinging club Clackamas, in porn, you see only huge dicks.

You think that shemales have big dicks because only shemales with big cocks would demonstrate their cocks. Other trannies with small penises are too cocky to show off their penises.

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Accordingly, your assumption that shemales have big dicks is completely wrong. Tucking is I really miss my ex girlfriend by the Transgender Health Information Program as ways one can hide the penis and testes, such as moving the penis and scrotum between the buttocks or moving the testes up into the inguinal canals.

All shemales practice tucking while in the public.

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I think that when a shemale is at home, there is no reason to tuck her dick. In case she has serious gender dysphoria and she gets stressed when she sees her penis, then, this type of transsexuals might tuck Looking mr right cocks even when they are at home. The penis size forms during puberty. It is the time when testosterone levels peak in both sexes.

This is why teenagers have acne.

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Testosterone indirectly causes acne. Although the penis grows till the age of 25, puberty is the time when it grows most intensely. If some mechanical penis enlargement techniques are added during this time, the penis will grow larger. Teenager shemales tuck their penises every day Horny women in Home Garden stretching them. Plus, add high levels of testosterone that impact the growth of the penis during puberty. These factors largely contribute to the penis size.

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Tucking is the reason Wife wants nsa Kite some shemales have huge cocks. If a transsexual is a top penetrating performer, then, she has to have a big dick. Shemale porn directors will exclude trannies whose penises are small.

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This is one of the reasons why you see shemales with big cocks on porn. It is a well-known fact that Asian men such as Japanese men, Indonesian men, Dating site mentally challenged men have smaller dicks than Nordic men. It is genetic. Afro-American men also have a genetic predisposition towards having big cocks. Brazilian men also won a genetic lottery when it comes to penis size.

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The penis size of an average Brazilian man is much bigger than a cock size of a Russian or a Philippino man. Let Single women alaska point to the fact that Brazil has a very productive shemale porn industry.

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Thus, while watching Brazilian porn on all the famous and popular porn sites, you see Brazilian men with big cocks who made a gender transformation and now are shemales. Thus, since you consume too much Brazilian shemale porn, you think that all shemales have big cocks. Yes, Brazilian shemales have big dicks because Brazilian men genetically have bigger dicks than Pacers clippers tickets average man of other nationalities. It is untrue that shemales in general have big cocks.

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Yes, some of them have big dicks as a result of a genetic predisposition. What do you think about this topic? Do you think there is something special in shemale anatomy that positively impacts their penis size? Share your thoughts in the comments. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. May 20, by Michael Harris No Comments.

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