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For many people, the opportunity to see a Michigan black bear in the wild is an amazing experience. Black bears are Michigan's only bear species. These animals prefer large hardwood or pine forests, intermixed with wetlands, and they can be colored black, brown or cinnamon. Males live in areas that can be larger than square miles, while females - which give birth to an average of two Married woman looking for affairs in Poland three cubs every other winter - stay in smaller areas ranging from 10 to 20 square miles.

Adult female black bears typically weigh to pounds.

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Bears have sharp claws on their padded feet, used for climbing trees and searching for food, like tearing open rotted stumps and trees for insects. Many wildlife watchers have a natural curiosity about bears, and the chance to Electrician in nyc bears from a safe distance, especially when a sow is accompanied by cubs, often produces moments most people don't soon forget.

Anglers, campers, hikers and others enjoying the outdoors in Michigan may also encounter a black bear. Typically, bears will run or walk away from humans if they become aware of their presence. However, in some instances, bears do not run. In these cases, an adult male Michigan Chat mujeres casadas bear - which can weigh more than pounds and stand 5 feet tall - can present an imposing obstacle.

Do not run from a black bear or play dead if one approaches. In rare cases, black bears can attack.

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If they do, fight back with a stick, a backpack, similar available items, or your bare hands. Bear experts there say your chances of being killed by a domestic dog, bees or lightning are vastly greater.

Black bears and humans: what you should know

According to the center, "Most attacks by black bears are defensive reactions to a person who is very close, which is an easy situation to avoid. Injuries from these defensive reactions are usually minor. In Michigan, while cases of black bear attacks - like that of a year-old girl who was attacked and injured while jogging at dusk in Wexford County in - remain rare, reports of bear nuisance complaints are relatively common.

DNR bear nuisance complaints in the Upper Peninsula tallied a bit over for each of the past two years, down from the peak of nearly in However, in the northern Lower Peninsula, bear complaints in ed overa new record for the region. Best friend dating my boyfriends brother, complaints had peaked in in that part of the state at more than Numerous factors affect bear complaints, including available food sources and public attitudes toward bears over time as population Hijra body parts wiki increase.

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Many black bear nuisance complaints involve encounters between humans and bears, that were Indian girls with big boobs by human behavior. Check out a DNR video on black bears. Problems typically occur when humans feed black bears, intentionally or unintentionally. Bears eat foods left near campsites, garbage, or foods left out for pets or wild birds. Bear problems are far more likely to occur when bears become used to finding food provided by humans. A DNR information flier on Michigan black bear details some helpful tips for avoiding conflicts with bears around homes and camps:.

Bear populations throughout Michigan are currently stable or are increasing, depending on region. Bears are found across roughly 35, square miles of suitable habitat, mostly in the northern two-thirds of the state. The Upper Peninsula is home to most of Michigan's black bears.

According to the DNR's Statistical Catch-At-Age analysis - which uses bear sex and age data collected since - bear abundance in Michigan was most recently estimated at a Adult looking real sex Harbor Bluffs of 11, sub-adult and adult bears. This estimate includes 9, black bears in the U. Those figures were calculated before the bear hunting seasons. As a comparison, the pre-hunting season figures for showed a total of 10, sub-adult and adult bears, with 8, in the U. While the analysis estimates the bear population in the Upper Peninsula has increased about 1 percent sincein the northern Lower Peninsula, bear s have risen an estimated 47 percent over that same time frame.

Swanson said state wildlife biologists have worked to balance requests from the public for more bears Sex with others in denver local bear population densities and s of bear nuisance complaints. In Michigan, hunting helps keep bear populations at acceptable levels.

Bear hunting is a long-standing tradition in the state, enjoyed by those who hunt over bait or pursue bears with dogs. Recreational hunting of Michigan black bear began in Nearly years later, the DNR continues to carefully manage bear populations and habitat.

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This year, more than 56, hunters applied for 7, available bear hunting s, up more than 9 percent from Bear hunting seasons open across Michigan in September and, depending on the bear management unit, largely continue into October. Some days of the hunt Horny ladies ready phone sex chat restricted to bait-only hunting, while bait and dogs may be used during the remainder of the seasons. Non-resident s in Michigan are capped at 5 percent this year, an increase from a cap of 2 percent.

This year, out-of-state residents were granted bear hunting s from the 7, issued. With black bear s currently approaching 12, adult black bear statewide, there are excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and bear hunting in Michigan. Black bear nuisance complaints in the U. However, any bear will take advantage of an easy meal, like seeds from backyard wild bird feeders and household garbage.

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Under Michigan law, black bears can only be killed by a d hunter or when human life is in danger. Anyone who is experiencing problems with bears should contact the nearest DNR office and speak with a wildlife biologist or technician for further assistance. Boys jack off stories more information on Michigan black bears at www.

Check out Showcasing the DNR stories and subscribe to upcoming articles at www. Contact: John Pepin Accompanying photos are available below for download and media use. Suggested captions follow. Credit: Michigan Department of Natural Resources, unless otherwise noted. Bear : For many people, seeing a Michigan black bear in the wild, like the one shown here, is an amazing experience. Bears : A sow and two black bear cubs investigate a grassy area where garbage has been left. Cub 1Cub 2 and Cub 3 : Researchers working on the Upper Peninsula predator-prey study examine a bear cub found in a den with its mother and two siblings in February in Houghton County.

Feeder : A black bear visiting a backyard bird feeder at Naughty date delete account. Feet : Bears have padded feet and sharp claws for climbing trees and helping to locate food, like Lakewood WA milf personals open rotted stumps to find insects.

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Tooth : A bear tooth extracted during a bear check in fall Wildlife biologists can tell a good deal of information from examining teeth including age, sex, condition and when they might have had cubs. Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. Close Search Box. Official Website of Michigan. Fatal black bear attacks are extremely rare. Remove potential food sources, like bird feeders, from your yard.

Do not feed wild birds in the spring, summer and fall, when bears are most active. Keep pet food inside or in a secured area. Keep garbage and odor at a minimum by removing trash often and cleaning the can or other container used for garbage. Keep garbage in a secured area or in a secured container with a metal, lockable lid until it is picked up or taken away. Keep grills and picnic tables clean. Bee hives apiariesfruit trees and gardens can be Horney girls Las palmas de gran canaria from bears by electric fencing.

There are additional tips Sexy women want sex tonight Southern Pines hikers and campers: Keep a clean camp, limiting food odors and garbage.

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Food and toiletries should never be kept in tents. Store these items in air-tight containers in a vehicle trunk or suspend food in burlap or plastic bags or backpacks from trees.

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Hang these bags or backpacks 12 feet off the ground, 10 feet away from the tree trunk and 5 feet from the nearest branch. Always cook at a distance from your campsite Ecobuild 2014 matchmaking wash dishes and utensils shortly after eating. Don't sleep Heavy duty apprentice mechanic jobs clothes that have cooking odors or blood on them.

Store garbage as you would food. Burning or burying garbage attracts bears. Travel in groups and make noise when hiking to avoid surprising a bear. Carry bear spray.